Meera was born 1898 in the Scottish countryside, daughter to retired soldier and mayor Howland Reed, who raised her not only caringly and educated, but also with all military discipline, wisdom and knowledge on fire-weapons, map-reading and strategy.

When her father was summoned to serve the British army once again, the administration of the Greywater village was left under her responsability. At the age of sixteen, the town was taken with a coup d’etat by Germanic troops, forcing her to run away and separate from her brother, who she believes to be dead.

Hitchhiking through Europe, doing all sorts of small jobs and favours, dealing with lack of money, battlefield enviroment and haunted by the ghost of Jojen's possible murder, she ends up reaching London, where, at last, the odds may change for either better... or worse.

WWI Recruitment Posters - British Army

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